Township History

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The Pilgrim Fathers brought the township form of government to America in 1620. This unit of local government eventually spread as far west as the Rocky Mountains. The township predates our state government as the Township's size and shape were determined by the Congressional Acts, which established the various land grants. Within each of the land grants, Congress set aside sections of land for the use of schools and the support of religious institutions.

To keep pace with the demands of changing times, the functions, duties and obligations of the township have changed over the years. Three trustees and a fiscal officer, each elected to a four-year term, administer our townships today. In addition, some townships now appoint a township administrator, whose duties are defined by the individual township. The township administrator typically helps plan, coordinate and implement township goals. Elected officials fill their offices on a part-time basis. Township officials are neighborhood officials and, hence, are more directly responsible to the voters than any other officials.

Township governments across Ohio provide a variety of essential services to residents living in the unincorporated territory of the state. Those services can include road maintenance,fire, EMS, police, parks, recreation, cemeteries, senior services and zoning. With more than 45 percent of the state’s population residing in townships, the trustees that govern each township need the tools to effectively and efficiently provide those services. Townships, unlike municipalities, are creatures of statute and have only those authorities specifically or inherently granted to them by state law (OTA, 2013).

Blendon Township, Ohio is one of the seventeen townships of Franklin County, Ohio, United States. Located in the northeastern part of Franklin County, Blendon Township is bordered by Westerville, Genoa Township, Minerva Park and Columbus.

Blendon Township consists of several communities such as Sunbury Woods, Huber Ridge, Fox Chase, Hunt Club, Glengary Heights, Cleveland Heights and Glengary Woods. For a more scenic route, take Central College Road out east by Hoover Dam.

Blendon Township has a population of 9,193 and consists of 6.3 square miles of land.