Important message regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus Update)

Updated 6/4/20 12 p.m. 

Blendon Township has declared a State of Emergency. Read full resolution: Res. 20-02 Emergency Declaration  

As the COVID-19 public health situation continues to evolve, our township leadership staff has been working collaboratively with many agencies in an effort to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 for our residents, students and families.

Check back regularly for updated information. 

Township Corona Virus Newsletter

Township Newsletter

For updates on COVID-19 in Franklin County:

Franklin County Alerts: Please sign up to receive local COVID-19 updates and alerts by texting “COVID19FC” to 888777. Please keep me informed of any concerns and/or resources needed in your community.

2014 Resolutions

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Meeting Body Date Resolution
Board of Trustees 12/17/2013 Res. 2014-01 Mtg Schedule 
Board of Trustees  01/02/2014  Res. 2014-02 Attorneys
 Board of Trustees 01/02/2014 Res. 2014-03 Police Levy
 Board of Trustees 01/15/2014 Res. 2014-04 Bill of Rights 
 Board of Trustees
01/15/2014 Res. 2014-05 MORPC
Board of Trustees   01/15/2014  Res. 2014-06 Cemetery Rules
 Board of Trustees 01/28/2014   Res. 2014-07 Sidewalk Maintenance
Board of Trustees  01/28/2014  Res. 2014-08 BZA 
Board of Trustees  02/26/2014   Res. 2014-09 Fee Schedule
 Board of Trustees 03/26/2014   Res. 2014-10 Kevin Weakly
 Board of Trustees  08/25/2014  Res. 2014-11 Emerick Rd Parking
 Board of Trustees  05/07/2014  Res. 2014-11 SWACO Nomination
 Board of Trustees 10/09/2014  Res. 2014-12 Fiscal Reserve Policy 
 Board of Trustees  06/01/2014  Res. 2014-12 Healthcare
Board of Trustees   06/18/2014  Res. 2014-13 Rumpke Waste
Board of Trustees   06/18/2014  Res. 2014-14 Rumpke Recycle
Board of Trustees  09/10/2014  Res. 2014-14 Speed Warner Rd 
 Board of Trustees 09/10/2014    Res. 2014-15 OPWC
 Board of Trustees  07/02/2014  Res. 2014-15 Road Dst Millage
 Board of Trustees 09/24/2014  Res. 2014-16 JEDZ 
 Board of Trustees 09/24/2014   Res. 2014-17 Inv. Comm. 
 Board of Trustees 10/22/2014   Res. 2014-19 Rumpke Recind
 Board of Trustees  11/05/2014  Res. 2014-20 ReApptg BZA
 Board of Trustees 12/03/2014  Res. 2014-21 Parks Comm. 
 Board of Trustees  12/17/2014 Res. 2014-22 ReApptg BTZC 
Board of Trustees  12/17/2014   Res. 2014-23 TWP Attys
Board of Trustees   12/17/2014 Res. 2014-24 Attorneys 
Board of Trustees  12/17/2014   Res. 2014-25 Attorneys
Board of Trustees  12/30/2014  Res. 2014-25 Lodging 
Board of Trustees  12/30/2014   Res. 2014-26 Alternate BTZB
Board of Trustees   11/05/2014  Res. 2014-LHR-01CIC Formation
Board of Trustees   Res. 2014-LHR-02 CIC Designation