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The Westerville Fire Division’s responsibilities include fire suppression, emergency medical and fire prevention programs. Blendon Township has a contract with City of Westerville’s Fire Division to provide our Fire Department and EMS Services. There are three stations strategically positioned in Westerville to allow the Fire Division to promote 4-minute average emergency response times. One of their three stations, Station 112, located at 727 East Schrock Road, houses and engine, medic, and is staffed by a minimum of seven fire fighters. This is the fire station that is the closest to Blendon and most often answering our calls.

Bathroom Exhaust Fans Start Fires:
If your detectors are 10 years old or older, they need to be replaced, it’s also a good practice to replace your batteries every six months. One of the most common causes of fires right now in Blendon Township and Westerville is bathroom exhaust fans. The fans are good for their purpose: preventing steamed mirrors, damp walls and fogged windows along with removing odors, but they are also a major fire hazard. We’re finding these fans are most often dirty (dusty) and simply overheat by being on for too long.

There are two easy steps you can take to prevent these fires. First, get your fan cleaned or replaced. If it’s an older fan, have a certified electrician replace the fan rather than clean it. Second, when you leave the bathroom, turn the fan off. Don’t operate the fan when someone is not physically present in the room. It is also important to mention that clothes dryer maintenance is very important when speaking of home fire safety. Their leading cause of fires is due to failure to clean lint from the traps, vents and surrounding areas. The Westerville Division of Fire recommends cleaning the lint filter after every load of laundry. If you smell smoke, call 9-1-1.

Cleaning Demonstration

If you or anyone that you know is interested in having a free smoke detector installed in your home now, please call our non-emergency Fire Department number at (614) 901-6600. We will be happy to schedule an appointment today!

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